Monday, 20 June 2011

Moving on to Pastures New

I am delighted to let you know that on July 4th I will be joining the Owen Pugh Group of businesses as General Manager of their construction plant and haulage business; Owen Pugh & Co Ltd ( is a fantastic opportunity for me as the Owen Pugh Group is a particularly positive and progressive group of companies working in a changing industry. With Owen Pugh & Co employing over 100 skilled staff, with annual sales of around £7m, and operating around 60 trucks and 40 items of heavy earth-moving plant there will to be plenty of challenges and opportunities to keep me busy!

This does of course mean this I will be winding up my coaching and consulting work and dedicating my energy and attention to Owen Pugh. My experience over the last six years of working with so many fantastic people and businesses will now prove to be absolutely invaluable in my new role. There are many people who have been of enormous help to me during this period and I owe you all a great deal of thanks and gratitude.

I will of course remain an active member of the Entrepreneurs Forum and will pop up from time to time in other places, so I look forward to being able to keep in contact with you by one means or another.

Now, where did I pack-away my Tonka toys….

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